After working numerous showcase events across the west coast and being a college recruiter and professional baseball scout, Coach Trosky became frustrated with the typical format used by major showcase and recruiting organizations. Typical formats include:

A lower number of college coaches in attendance and a lack of diversity (different levels of colleges) among them
A low number of repetitions on both offense and defense
A limited amount of game exposure for both pitchers and position players
A lack of connection with the coaches attending the event.


They provide the best player to college coach ratio, limiting the roster spots and averaging 30 college coaches per event.
They take place on one field making each player accessible to the attending college coaches.
They allow parents & players the opportunity to hear from and learn from the attending college coaches and MLB scouts.
Trosky Baseball has contributed to over 5,000 players playing college and professional baseball.
Recruiting specialists/MLB scouts lecture on the recruiting process and professional baseball and are available to answer questions throughout the camp.
Player evaluations are available upon request (completed by college coaches and professional scouts).
They are flexible with the schedules of players that cannot attend the entire camp.
Trosky Baseball is connected with over 500 colleges/MLB scouts across the country.
Trosky Baseball has a reliable reputation. Parents, players, college coaches, and MLB scouts say Trosky camps exceed expectations.

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